What brougt us to here...

Each sailing trip is unique – and so is every transformation program or project. The skipper needs experienced mastery of the tools, the methodologies, the equipment and leadership at its best to deal with all possible complex circumstances.

And so does the manager and coach of agile transitions. There is not a choice between waterfall-delivery in the one hand and agile on the other. The reality is hybrid – there is nothing else than mainly unforeseeable agility on the sailing trip over the blue ocean AND in the ocean of complex program & projects.

What brought you here?

Our clients are, in most cases, corporate organizations. A corporate organization is a company acting for many decades successfully on (global) markets. Some of them for even more than 100 years. This is most recently your company’s current situation as well, as you found your way to us.
Our clients have understood: The time is now – the time to enhance collaboration, to improve process efficiency and to make continuous “Change” and the constant effort and desire to improve an inherent part of the organization’s culture. As one Crew, as joined Crewcrafters , we understand there is an urged and demanding need to anticipate the ara of "Disruptive Innovation" . As a Crewcrafters we need seamless collaboration as the prerequisite to succeed. There is no time left to invest more time and resources in persistence and the delegation of responsibility. Collborative effort, seamless integration and continuous innovation are key to master natural conditions on the oceans blue water – and in complex corporate transformation programs. As a Crew, we pivot.

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